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I think Oxfordians of this generation underestimate the element in their own position which leaves them with a feeling of loss of something like a security which inhered in the Stratfordian position. In a sense, they were able to have it both ways. After all, nearly all of us were Stratfordians once.

Mr Wilkinson's partisan infatuation with the Earl of Oxford stops him seeing that the decisions to support one authorship candidate rather than another is based on intuition, not logic. For example, if one starts with the assumption that William Shakespeare of Stratford was indeed the author, then all sorts of cross-connections follow, for instance, that he must have been a pupil of the Stratford grammar school and will have been taught by wise teachers such as Thomas Jenkins

The first sentence of Leiter's comment says:
No serious scholar or philosopher--as opposed to a self-promoting poseur (not pensuer) like Levy--would have made this mistake:

I think this is very very silly.

Despite many faults and flaws, we have spent four centuries, roughly, in the West overcoming a shame-based communitarian mediaeval culture - and we are now busy reintroducing it!! And this one hasn't got the greatness of the old shame based cultures like the Greek or the Japanese, but banal,banal,banal!

Oliver Kamm says I am not a genuine Shakespearian - others think there is too much Shakespeare around here!

Should I write about Arsenal?

Perhaps the less said the better about that, after Sunday's efforts....

My father would have been 130 years old today.


Oliver Kamm prompts me to some reflections on being a Shakespearian....

Oliver Kamm's post of 29th January: