Lively Public Keynote Speaker

Heward is a thought provoking, knowledgeable, lively, and witty, public speaker on a variety of topics, including:

psychotherapy and counselling; statutory regulation; literature and the arts; philosophy; religion and theology; politics; sport; and the cultural implications of any of these.

Particular focal themes on which he would be able to expand might include:

  • the intersection of science and religion in evaluating psychotherapy;
  • the relationship of science and art;
  • whether psychotherapy is a Trojan horse smuggling in a particular world view;
  • whether psychotherapy pathologises human experience and turns normal real life problems into 'suitable cases for treatment';
  • the practical value of philosophy; the psychology of art;
  • the specific psychology of the Shakespeare authorship question;
  • the challenge psychology and religion pose for each other; psychology and evolutionary biology;
  • political optimism and political pessimism and what we can hope to change in today's world;

and much much else. Themes would be discussible and negotiable; if you have a hunch about what might be available or possible, just ask. Fees for any contribution would be negotiable and take account of the means of the organisation or individuals in question.