Our hatred of thinking: Bernard-Henry Levy's mistake about Kant

Tue, 16/02/2010 - 15:34 -- Heward Wilkinson


The first sentence of Leiter's comment says:
No serious scholar or philosopher--as opposed to a self-promoting poseur (not pensuer) like Levy--would have made this mistake:

I think this is very very silly.

Anyone can make such a mistake. The reviewers nearly all fell for Doris Lessing's ploy when she published two books under the pseudonym of Jane Somers in 1984ff

When Alan Sokal submitted a spoof post-modern essay consisting entirely of extracts from articles it was accepted:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokal_affair

See also:

Also Hugh Trevor Roper, a very fine historian, author of The Last Days of Hitler nevertheless fell for the Hitler Diaries fraud.

We won't even mention Shakespeare here....

What is more remarkable is that ridicule of this mistake is used as a substitute for debate. I am interested in what Levy might have to say about Kant. It will not be invalidated by this. I suspect it will be in the Ayn Rand line.

And therefore that it will be significant in being an inadvertant tribute to the potency of the great German. But can I find anything on it!!??

Can you find anything other than the hoax on google? stone me if you can!

Anything to avoid having to think!



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you are not one to gloat at another's mistakes or misfortune's Heward and always look to the essence of what is being said and I am reminded of a chauvenistic comment I made recently when responding to a cautious female driver and your refusal to let me get away with it. :)