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For anyone who has read, and noted, Ben Jonson's location of Shakespeare as the 'peer', the contemporary, not of the Jacobean playwrights, but of the Elizabethan, Lyly, Marlowe, and Kyd: For if I thought my judgment were of years, I should commit thee surely with thy peers, And tell how far thou didst our Lyly outshine, Or sporting Kyd, or Marlowe's mighty line.

The Vatican has finally endorsed the Catholic Bard position regarding Shakespeare and the Stratfordian position is now fighting on two fronts, as Peter Dickson points out in a characteristically flamboyant email which he is happy to have circulated. Meanwhile we await Peter's getting his important book out via a serious academic publisher. If anyone wants a copy of his privately printed edition his email - which I shall not give in hackable form - is

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